Thursday, June 14, 2012


I am officially taking my hat of to those of you who blog and work. I seriously don't know how you fit it all in. You must be getting some super turbo shot in there. I don't think I could work all day and come home and blog at night every night. Seriously.

I started a new job. Yes, I decided to join forces with another Real Estate agency. They are amazing. I am so lucky to be party of Core Group Realty. They are nothing short of killer. I am amazed at how progressive and strong they are as a company. Always proud to be part of a well working machine.

I have been busy decorating my office. Putting together my desk and of course getting my work on. Sean and I are on our first no kid week. It has been sad and amazing at the same time. House is really quiet and yet still messy because there is no one making a mess. So cleaning up the old mess doesn't seem as appealing. Not not even close. But today the laundry will be done and tomorrow the packing for Puanta Cana starts. Wish me luck putting together an awesome wardrobe for a over a weeks worth of beach play.

Miss blogging but I am enjoying being busy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


After Sean and I got married I changed my name. I didn't even think twice about changing it. Two days after our wedding I was down at the dmv changing my name.

I always thought that I would keep my own name. I thought that my name said a lot about who I was. Who I have been my whole life.  I enjoyed my maiden name. I enjoyed what that said about me. I thought the connections with my my family were more important that what ever my new name would become.

Then today I received an email of surprise from a dear friend about the name change. He hadn't expected it and to be honest I hadn't either. He wrote about how his wife hadn't changed her name and how he supported her in that due to an experience he had years before. He had taken a class where they asked them to write their name with their significant others last name. It changed the way he looked at it. I love that there are so many options in life. How marriage has changed. How so many rights have changed. Hopefully we will let marriage continue to change.

For me changing my name was great. It was something that I wanted to do. It was choosing this family. It was choosing to make this family the family that comes first. It was a commitment that I was making to Sean. He is my family and I can't imagine not sharing his last name.

I secretly love looking down at his left hand and seeing his ring. I love that he introduces me as his wife. I  love that we are together. Okay enough of this.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Summer is here. 
This means the good and the bad. 

The kids don't have to get up early = good
They can't find anything to take up their time = bad
They are able to hang out with everyone and we can finally make some plans = good
The girls get to spend weekends at home = Good. 
 I can't seem to ever be alone = bad
 Everyone wants a pool = good
 Later bedtimes = good
 Stress = BAD

Yep it is pretty exciting around these parts.