Thursday, January 6, 2011



 I met Brett Fafard at the American Cancer Society all night Rally 4 days after his diagnosis. He was standing in the grass with two friends just watching the crowds. I believe I may have approach him asking why he was there; He replied with the widest smile that he had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I remember thinking how young he look and yes he was young in age but, never in heart.
      I went to his sisters house to help shave his head for the first time before he started chemo. I never saw him shed a tear and he faced his battle with God in his heart and strength. He always was someone I looked up too.  Brett never complained about any treatment he ever did, and completely excepted his fate.
      He married a wonderful woman two months before his death. The strength and commitment that they shared was awe inspiring. You could see the loved they shared stream from every pore they had. They new that the fate of their relationship was grim but, couldn't even think of not sharing those last few months together as much as possible. Again, I looked up to Brett for having the strength to risk pain for himself and others. Again, Brett showed me what love was about.
     Brett was a wonderful man; who fought, loved, prayed, married, gave, and was a pillar of strength for many. I loved Brett. I will miss my wonderful friend. Rest in peace my friend.

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As a final wish he has asked people to make donations to Camp Kessem a camp for kids with a parent with cancer. Brett was heavily involved with Camp Kessem even before his cancer.   Donations may be made at any Wells Fargo, to the Brett Fafard Camp Kessem Memorial.

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  1. Reminds me that life is precious and we should enjoy each moment we have with each other :)