Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year New Post.

This year I am committing to being more present. In search of ways to make myself more present I am going to:

1. Start blogging about the little things.
2. Breathe more!
3. Celebrate the moments.
4. Say Yes!
5. Make the time to share.
6. Glass is always full... See it that way.
7. Indulge
8. NO MORE TOMORROWS... Seize the day!
9. Be with the kids MORE!
10. Just make the moments count because they are going to pass any way you look at it. I don't want to miss moments like these. 

This year was met with many challenges. Everyday seemed to come with its own set of problems however;
I am starting to believe that most of this is how I view these things. Some days everything goes wrong but, I still feel good about life.  I know it is possible to find the positive side of anything. I believe that sometimes I take the easy road and just see the negatives. I believe that I have identified this problem numerous time this year and have yet to figure out a way to change my view on daily interactions.  So this year I propose a change of thought.

Check out these six steps and see if this will work for you.

One: Decide what you really want.

Decide what you really want, and then look at what is preventing you from having it NOW.

Look at each one of the thoughts that are preventing you from having it now, and ask yourself these questions about each thought:

Could I allow myself to welcome this thought?

Could I allow myself to accept this thought?

Could I allow myself to release this thought? To just let it go?

Then, when you’ve answered them, go on to these questions:

Could I release it? (This is different than *Could I ALLOW myself to release this thought.*) Would I release it? When?

It’s perfectly OK for no to be an answer. This is just to get your mind used to the idea of releasing thoughts that have kept you from accomplishing your goals.

Two: Get leverage.

Get leverage by associating extreme pain to NOT changing NOW, and extreme pleasure to the experience of changing NOW. Do a lot of visualizing here. If you need help, go to

Three: Release the pattern that is limiting you.

In order to release the pattern that is limiting you, you need to identify what that pattern is, then use the same technique in step one for releasing it. Also, you may find additional information here: Http://

Four: Create a new, empowering alternative.

What can be a thought pattern that would empower you?

How about one of these: *I can do it!* *Yes!* *Power!*

Where you used to think the thoughts that limited you, now think an empowering thought. Cancel the old thought pattern. You can find the Cancel Technique at Http://

Five: Condition the new pattern until it’s consistent.

Pretend you have a mandatory drill every day to condition the new thought pattern -- as many times as you can, but be consistent. If you do it 5 different times during the day, do it at those same times the next day. In the beginning, OVER emphasize your new, empowering habit. Totally focus on doing it louder, longer, cuter, faster, whatever, as this will help you remember to do it.

Six: Test it!

Does it work? If not, why not? If it doesn’t work, redo it. If it does work, share the process with those who can use it. Good luck.

So here are my NEW steps to making it stick this year! This is not a new years resolution it is just a simple life change to make Prozac less attractive in general because; the last four years Prozac has been looking pretty good.

I want to feel better about myself this year. I want to know myself better and be open to being just who I am. The last few years have been all about cancer: Where it is at, where it is moving, how am I feeling, blah blah blah. This year is about being alive. Feeling the wind on my skin. I have lost very close friends to cancer this year. I spent a year morning the loss of all of my fellow cancer patients. I never once stopped to really love life with them.  To realize that if I did die today what would my last experience be. I am living for a future. I am making plans to have a wonderful life filled with love, companionship, parenting, connections, and mistakes. I do not want to look back and know that I spent years worrying about dying instead of years worrying about living.

     This year is about being ME.. Not being Cancer, not being scared, not being a speaker. I made it past my expiration date. Now I am going to live like there never was one.

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  1. This is the best idea I've heard in a while. I am glad this year is all about YOU, I think you are pretty awesome.