Monday, January 24, 2011

Tokyo Style Party

Celeste Tokyo style party crew!
    Saturday night I went out for my dear friends Celeste's Tokyo dress up pre-party before a night out dancing. I was not in the best of moods Saturday night. I had been pretty tired all week after radiation and not sure if going out was going to cure my blues. Well to say the least it cured my mood; after getting painted and dressed to the nine's I felt a lot better about life. We listened to the hottest Japanese music, ate sushi, played pool and danced then went out on the town. I did not spend all night on the town but, the time I spent was a wonderful escape from daily life.
    It was the first time in months that I had been out with out Sean. Sean normally is right by my side on nights out however, Sean quit smoking this week. He didn't want to put himself into a situation that would make him smoke. I am so proud of the way he just cold turkey quits it is amazing to me. I really want to have something if I tell myself that I can't have it. Anyways; I was out on my own on Saturday with out my normal partner in crime. Even though I was uncomfortable the time away made me realize how much I enjoy our time together. It also helps me keep respect for our time apart. Never forget that getting out of you comfort zone is very rewarding.

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