Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Shoes... Does anyone else love their chucks? I find myself trying to figure out dresses I can wear with my chucks. How many outfits can you make around your ultimate chucks? I am pretty sure that almost 80% of my outfits come out of shoe choices. Okay enough about that.

       I got my MRI and CT scans back today. They came out good; well by good the tumor is decreasing not at the best speed possible but still great news!  It is odd to think that they are going to slowly get rid of these little tumors one by one. It is incredible how life changes over small periods of time.

    Sean and I got a break from the girls today and went out for some adult time. It is always nice to see each other with out our parents faces on. It is nice sit next to one another with out a child crawling into to our laps. It is wonderful to speak to each other with out the parent filter on. All parents go through this I know but, most nuclear families had alone time before children. They got months if not years without children or pregnancy but, not us we had a few dates and then presto family of three.

    Tonight we put the girls down and now we sit and talk about nothing that means anything... but means everything.

     Good night all.


  1. We are big converse people here too. My husband rocks about 6 pairs in all different colors and the kids and I have our fair share too.

    Wonderful news about your scans. I look forward to an update of them being completely clear.



  2. I came across your blog by accident, and lost myself for an hour reading it.

    You're a naturally gifted writer, and an all-around extremely cool person. Hope you don't mind if I drop by regularly.

    From Jessica

  3. I somehow missed this post. Oh wait. Last Tuesday was drive day #2.

    You KNOW I love me some Chucks. I was so bummed all winter when it was so freaking cold and snowy and I had to wear friggin' eskimo boots all the damn time... I really ought to get me some hi-top chucks.

    I'd love to get a pair for each of the girls and then do a photo shoot of all our feet, but... could you imagine Nate wearing converse? I can't.

  4. DUDE seriously! I have been dying for a photo shoot in our chucks. I think Nate would look awesome in a pair. (maybe I secretly want to laugh at him being uncomfortable) But, the pictures would be awesomeish! Can you imagine a wall of chucks with some BA socks?
    I am glad you got to pull out the chucks lady! Can't wait to come visit you this summer...