Monday, April 11, 2011


     Changing your life takes time, energy, and some failing over here. Things have been working up to big changes. New life, revisiting an old career, cleaning, revamping my eating habits and continuing to make every day amazing.
    Every day is a struggle to stay on a routine. So that I won't fall off the wagon of health and happiness. I am working on my self every day trying to work out all my kinks to better understand myself. I am working to reconnect with my life. I am trying to find my creative, cooking, decorator side but, maybe I am just a writer and a talker? ?? Is that okay too? We are looking for color; bright, different, and exotic color. I have become so comfortable with brown, black, blue, red, gray... Wow, yes those are the only colors in our home. We need a house make over.  I want our home to feel like a home bright cheerful and welcoming. Maybe not to everyone but, at least to us. I am finally in a place in my life where I can make a home. I can create art put it up, take it down, and redo it over again. I love this feeling of freedom that I have found.
     My routine has changed so much over the last month. I get up in the morning and hook up my juicer and make some amazing GREEN juice, I am talking spinach, cucumber, green apple, kale, carrot all mixed into one green glass. So nasty to look at however, not so bad on the taste buds. (as long as you don't mess up and put mustard greens in it; nasty , nasty nasty...) It wakes up my body feels so much better than coffee. THen on to the cleaning and lots of it. Keeping on track and not eating processed foods are the hard parts.  Those are the things I am struggling with currently. I am determined to get healthy, mind, body, spirit. Part of that is controlling what I ALLOW with in my body. GO GO organic Kayla. Keeping a routine does truly help. Keeps me busy and happy accomplishing things as the day goes by.

Ganesh- remover of obstacles
    I am so grateful for my life. The people with in it are truly amazing; I couldn't do it without them all.

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  1. You are surely doing all the right things with the food and positive outlook.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May