Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I love love love it. And yes I will rock it like no other snowbunny/bear would.

I do not think I can express how amazing it is to find friendships so far away. It is incredible that you stumbled across my blog randomly one and day.

I am SO very THANKFUL for your friendship.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


First day of Snowboarding for Koda. 
She did amazing.

P.S. My boots fit!!!! If you haven't been reading long. You should know it had been REALLY freakin hard to find boots that fit.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I want to start coffee table book that shows mom during the middle 
of the day. 
For some reason I know I have these secret things I do
when left alone with just the littles.

I often wonder what other mothers do in the middle of the day. 
Do they take long baths? Do they watch tv in their underwear? Do they 
reload gun shells? I just don't know what these
awesome other mothers are doing during the day. I know that my day are consumed by kids and activities but did you know at 3:30 my house is STILL a complete mess. 
Up until the moment I realize in order to get it clean BEFORE Sean gets home, I have to start NOW. 
Now is normally not until 4:15 due to a child's voice wanting an ELEPHANT to magically appear in our living room. 

By the way did I mention. I miss napping in the middle of the day.
I don't get to do that anymore either. 
Maybe another day at another time I will find those moments that I used to have for all the little things I love. 

Back to my mission: I think I want to 
start dropping in on my friends at random hours of the day and take pictures. 
I know not many of them will go for it but, I think it would be rad.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I know this is suppose to be a time of joy, honeymooning, and lots of movement under the sheets
I think I may need a minute to vent and just get real about life.
If you have been following your know my schedule is completely out of wack.
With five other people to account for it has become a bit
fucking crazy over here. 
(I don't think my over acting hormones are helping much)
I feel completly over whelmed with schedule on top of schedule on top
of our regular house chores. I don't feel as if 
is getting done around here. The laundry seems to be mounting around every corner.
Lets not even talk about the dust bunnies.. They are breeding in about all the rooms. 
There just does not seem to be the time in a day to get 
everything done. 
Just when I think there is going to be an hour just one hour of time 
just for me... It seems to fall apart right before my eyes. 
Some appointment was moved, canceled or rescheduled with even my knowledge. 
Or another kid is sick. 
All I know is that there were suppose to be 5 hours today to catch up on my house; 
You guess it not even five minutes. 
I feel like pulling out all my hair and screaming at the top of my lungs. 
But yelling isn't going to make anything better. I just have to take more deep breathes and try and life
with in the moment. I know that is a tough one on its own. 
Do you ever feel like there is NOT a person that you know that doesn't want from you? 
I can't seem to shake the feeling that everyone NEEDS something right now. 

I don't know how much I have to give left. 
Maybe it is time for some wine and a bath....Opps forget it is already past bedtime. 
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. 


I don't know if you have heard but, courthouse run away weddings are back in style! Yes I am following a trend of older couples who don't want to fork out THOUSANDS on our weddings. We want to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on our honeymoon! 

I was Very surprised at how emotional I was. I started crying right off the bat and cried all the way through. I was told it was cute. I was happy not many people were there to witness my love sniffles. 
I am so grateful to have found such an amazing man that I can now call my
Love it. Here are some pictures from the court house.

 This is my besty Tara. She came witnessed and took pictures like every besty should do. She also let me borrow those fabulous shoes. That hurt my feet so bad I couldn't hardly stand it. (there were a more uncomfortable pair that I was wearing pre these that didn't help)

However the toms I bought right were to die for.

Come on back tomorrow for the party. 

P.S. rest in peace Barb. We love you so much and I am so glad you have made it to the dolphins. Lots of love little C.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am MRS. JONES!!!
Holly crap shit and stuff
I almost can't believe it but, yet alas it true. 
It was magically simple and completely us as it should have been. 

Did you know what a pain in the ass changing your name is? 
I didn't. I haven't had to do this before. I figure since Mr. Jones has an awesome name I should take it on. Not to mention the explanation of two names sucks. So, off I went to make my list of things that need addressing and holy fudge. There are SO many stops that I had not thought about aka: my passport, all of my credit cards, my phone bill, any account that I have access too.. How did  you all go about this large crappy ordeal? How much time do I have to do it? All of the unknowns. 

Done with the bitching. I am happy and content and totally Mrs. Jones.  Tomorrow I will bring you the pictures to prove it, plus I will let you in on our mini mini honeymoon. 

P.S. coming home to reality is a bitch seriously. I have a gamet of testing next week for this stupid cancer crap and on top of it all my good friend died. 
It was the wake up call: Hi you remember you don't live in fairy land... Yes you honeymooner come on you know you don't. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The ways I love you. 
I love the way you hold me close before we fall asleep.
I love the way you eat each piece of pasta. It is very you.
I love how every time I suggest sometimes your first response is no but, if I wait a few minutes I normally get my way I know. 
I love that you are still in love with me even though I can't cook, don't clean, and sometimes wake up on the wrong side  of the bed. 
You are my favorite by far. 
I can not imagine my life with out you. 
Thank you for being My Mr. Jones.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Hello My loves! 
I hope your weekend went off with out a hitch.  Ours was very uneventful. We were still sick on Friday and laid low all day Saturday. We did make it out to the hokey game Saturday night though! Have I told you that I LOVE hokey? Well I do as much as I can love any sport.  

I can't remember if I have been complaining about my uterus to you lately so I think I will today. My uterus is out to get me. It is almost like it is trying to get out of my body. I am glad I know better than to think that it could. I recently went to my old Obgyn who told me that I should have had my uterus out YEARS ago but, no one wanted to do it because of how young I am. Didn't they understand that it was an oven that couldn't bake babies any more? I understand that girls make stupid decisions in youth but, come on doc.. My uterus has been out of commission for a LONG time. She should have taken it out. My glands had moved into my wall and are causing me a hell of a time during what used to be aunt flows visit. Well, luckily this won't be going on much longer.

BTW.. Did I tell you I am getting Married on Friday? More on that tomorrow. Don't mean to keep you waiting but, I don't have the mind bandwidth to give you more on that.

I guest posted over here on Friday and even tested out my soon to be last name while I was at it. 
Check out their blog I think you will like it! 

and Look a sneak peak at our family photos! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am sicker than sick. My tempature peaking at 103.3 with my skin practically crawling off my body. I have photos but, they are so bad not sure I am willing to share.  Well we will see how delerious I am by the end of this post.

After some awkward and awesome things this afternoon. I came home to hide in bed with the lights down and started surfing my trusty laptop only to find the best little Etsy shop ever. It is neat and to make it better I found something that I loved! 

Go check it out I think you will want something too. 
Mr. Jones is pretty awesome too!

Just because I like you all you can see how horrible I look right now. 

I am flirting with the idea of stopping Living in Cancer and moving over to Here. New start not so much pain. I haven't beat cancer but, my life is getting to be about a lot more than cancer.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Superbowl Sunday = Great day to snowboard. 
Around our house football does not carry much weight. However little to no lines at the lifts are priceless.
Sean and I were in need of a relationship maintenance  day. After having over a year of every other weekend free we had not prepared our selves for scheduling in maintenance time for us. Luckily we both know it is a critical part of how we function. A lot of families believe their kids come first and foremost. I think that is great but, we believe our relationship has to come first in order to make a home environment that has two happy parents. We love our children so much but we also want to continue to love each other. Okay off my soap box.

We headed up to our local ski resort early this morning. We are lucky to have one within 45 minute of our front door step. It had not snowed in a few days no powder to be found but the groomers were great. The sun shined on us ALL day long. I love holding hands in my mittens on the chair lift with Mr. Jones. It makes the world a more colorful place. I love looking across the mountains and feeling my stress just fall to the sidelines. If you have never skied or snowboarded I recommended trying it a few times. It is a experience not to be forgotten.

Our day was wonderful and now it is time for massages and sleep. 
Lots love love friends.  
Sleep well

Friday, February 3, 2012


Hurray it is Friday! I know that this shouldn’t mean much to me but oh it really does.

When you were a kid how often did you have three hours a night of homework? When did school become a full time job? Eli had an invention that was started on Monday and due yesterday. Our home schedule was completely destroyed by the need for hours of work every night. I still want the kids to get out of the house daily. They should be able to enjoy after school. They go to school nine months out of the year for 6 hours a day.  I truly believe they should be able to do more in class. My kindergardener is bringing home homework she is FIVE. I was playing in mud puddles at school at five. I don’t know if I brought home a piece of homework until maybe fourth grade. I am all for instilling hard work ethic but, I believe our children still need to PLAY.

Okay, Okay I am off my rant.

On a plus not Koda is getting better at taking pictures. It is her new passion and she is in LOVE. I am excited to see her so happy about a hobby.
 My over shirt was given to me by the wonderful Anita my neighbor along with an amazing black Kathy purse.  Take note of the slight hair change. Little bit of blond little bit of red.

Missing part of my head but over all cute shot.

Getting very excited about my birchwood box it should be here in just a few days. I also went crazy on Amazon last night picking out a new calendar, massage oil, and a makeup primer. (never used makeup primer but, have heard it is the BOMB)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 2, 2012



I think I mentioned how busy this week was going to be and look I never posted once!
I am starting a new tradition here at Living in Cancer Awkward and Awesome Thursday because I think it is great fun. Not to mention all the cool kids are doing it.
Awkward: Waking up in the morning in a very bad mood with a lot of anger toward Mr. Jones. Only to realize after already being bitchy a little agitatable that it wasn’t Mr. Jones at all it was a dream. Mr. Jones had just been a dick in my own dream. That apology was a little awkward.
Awkward: Calling the best reconstruction medical office and asking a whole list of question only to find out it was the grocery store. The lady on the other end was very nice but, I know she is telling all of the employees about the crazy lady that called about nipple sizing. I don’t know about you but, I am pretty sure you would have been thirty five shades of red by the end of that call too.
I did get a hold of the breast reconstruction doctor and got in on April 7! Couldn’t be more excited to have a better understanding of what my options are going to be. I may be wearing a bikini on our honeymoon after all! I know that it shouldn’t matter now but, when I look in the mirror I am not proud of the way I look and I have worked too hard not to be proud of my body. After much thought and debating I have decided that I was to have them reconstructed for my own self imagine.

Awesome: Corbynn sounded out an entire book tonight for the first time! Her little voice sounding out all of those words couldn’t have been any cuter. I love it! She is growing up SO fast can’t hardly stand it.
Awesome: Ordering what you really wanted online when NO one seem to carry any of the good stuff. Sean and I give one another back rubs on most good nights. I took a massage class  a long time ago and I like to think that I am good at it.
The weeks look busier and busier moving forward but, I am starting to think that I will get into a routine after all.
Love, Laugh, and Breathe!