Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am MRS. JONES!!!
Holly crap shit and stuff
I almost can't believe it but, yet alas it true. 
It was magically simple and completely us as it should have been. 

Did you know what a pain in the ass changing your name is? 
I didn't. I haven't had to do this before. I figure since Mr. Jones has an awesome name I should take it on. Not to mention the explanation of two names sucks. So, off I went to make my list of things that need addressing and holy fudge. There are SO many stops that I had not thought about aka: my passport, all of my credit cards, my phone bill, any account that I have access too.. How did  you all go about this large crappy ordeal? How much time do I have to do it? All of the unknowns. 

Done with the bitching. I am happy and content and totally Mrs. Jones.  Tomorrow I will bring you the pictures to prove it, plus I will let you in on our mini mini honeymoon. 

P.S. coming home to reality is a bitch seriously. I have a gamet of testing next week for this stupid cancer crap and on top of it all my good friend died. 
It was the wake up call: Hi you remember you don't live in fairy land... Yes you honeymooner come on you know you don't. 

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  1. Its always sad when a friend dies of cancer. I have lost quite a few and it sets me back each time.
    Its ages since I had to change my name. (Nearly 49 yrs.) It didn't seem a hassle then because of the excitement of it but I bet I wouldn't like it now!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May