Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is here and I am wonderful mess.

Dropping Koda off at school is the strangest thing I have ever had to do.... I still look in the mirror and most days see myself as a child. I still remember the days of looking up to teachers and feeling like my parents were out to get me. Today I dropped my child off to school a little late might I add and the teacher looked and at me and I realized... I am not a child. I am this childs parent this is not my teacher. I am a peer to this teacher, how odd is that realization for you?

    I enjoyed Canada like you would not believe. I saw amazing majestic sites. I told everyone I was going to see something majestic and I did. The mountains parted and the clouds cleared, the brightest light I have ever seen flowed in over the valley. I was in awe of our world again.  I love the outdoors and sometimes forget how just awe inspiring it is to be out there. I love to drive around and see everything. Having a personal tour guide means you get to see all the good stuff      

    Then out of no where a friend of mine called saying he wanted to go to Dave Matthews Band and wanted me to go. I was Canada and he flew into Spokane so I drove down and picked him up. My cousins live in Cour delane so we stayed there. It is a busy little Northwest city. There are lakes and rivers every where. I have never seen so many bridges. Friday night we went to dinner than Saturday we woke up with food poisening. Saturday we both stayed in our hotel rooms and tried to regroup. I am pretty sure I could hear him puking through the walls. I know I could not hold it in. Sunday was the Dave Matthew Concert we were still stupid sick. I was unwilling to miss the show I spent 170 dollars on so we just sucked it up. Our drive should only have been a couple hours however with bathroom stop it took us four hours. It also took an entire bottle of pepto and misn. other drugs. The show was great. I have never seen so many people in one venue. I do not believe you can describe a venue like the gorge. It is having the best back dropped to the most wonderful music ever. Now all I need to do is see Tom Petty there today.


     Things are settling back down for the week. thankful.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September is here!

In BC Canada
I am in Canada this week visiting my friend James. I have not seen James in almost two years (we used to be room mates in Utah but, he bailed back to Canada.) I have missed him much. James was a big part of my life in Utah. I went through a lot of changes in how I view the world during the time we lived together. We were both in rough spots him right out of a divorce and me right where I always seemed to be either falling in or out of love. He is honest, fun, talented, amazing man who really opened my eyes to look at myself in the mirror really hard and see if I like the person I saw. I did not like the person I was because I was empty at the time. There was nothing filling me that was healthy at least. This is one of those friends that you dream of having. You can walk in a room and feel like not a moment has past between you not alone two years. It is incredible that it works this way with some select few people while others just disappear out of your life forever.  I am always humbled that he stayed in my life.
 This trip of those things that brings me to great change again; hours on the road alone to truly think and feel.   I feel renewed just being around the mountains and the extremes of mother nature. I am constantly surprised that I forget this feeling as soon as I leave.  A reminder that this world is bigger than just my little piece of it. 

Koda started her very first day of school on Monday. She woke up at four thirty wanting to get ready for school. I was not ready to be awake yet though. So back to sleep they went for a few quick hours. She was up and dressed before I could get out of bed. She wanted her hair curled her best clothes on and she WANTED to go. We left the house in a rush and got there with time to spare. She was so excited and nervous she kept acting all happy then suddenly would say " Mom maybe I am a bit scared. Is that okay?" It was cute. She had a break down when it was time to leave but, I heard she recovered wonderfully. She was so happy when she got out of school that I am pretty sure there is not going to be a fight to get her to go. I had a hard time letting go of her. I can not believe how fast the time has gone. I remember so well her first days and it seems to close to those to be her first year of real school. It saddens me that next her I will put my second one on the bus and then there will be none at home. I am too young to have both my girls in school. What will I do? I am already afraid for next year even though I think being afraid for next year is easier than feeling sadness that my babies are growing up now. They are getting to be kids right before me eyes. It is scary.
Other than all that... I have cold. Nothing real new to report.