Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Radiation: a day in pictures

The waiting room is the first place that I see.  Isn't it pretty? Not! I don't like to wait. I don't think I am a very patient person. So the waiting room is my least favorite place.

The wonderful MRI machine is my second stop; to make sure that we are still zapping the right spot. Also to make sure we are doing to much damage. 

The last stop is IMRT radiation machine. The power house of radiation! Without this star trek looking machine none of this would be possible!

   I am home now laying around trying to stay pretty still. It feels like I have a inner-ear infection even though I know that I don't. Moving around is not what I feel like doing right now. I have taken over the couch; laptop in lap, dog beside, cute kid running wild. Feeling tired and I have a pretty nasty headache that I am battling. Other than that today is going awesome.

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