Friday, January 14, 2011

New Bedrooms

After we moved the girls room just never look coozy. It was a little blah; not very inviting for two little girls. We had bought new "bed tents" that were Disney that turned out to be the worst investment ever. They were both broken from the start. They also made the girls room look messy. So off to Fredmeyer's 40% off sale. New rugs, lamps, and netting all on sale I might add... (Got to love my sale shopping Momma) So with a lot of help from mom and a few hours the girls room was transformed. They loved it.  We also did Eli's room and now you can see on top of every surface. We rearranged Eli's room so he could have Sean's old desk. He was so proud of himself and happier than happy to get to show Sean all of his hard work.

As for me; I am off to get my new wig fitted. I caved after three women at Mcdonald's told me how sorry they were for me. After that I went straight to the wig shop and bought a new wig. I believe I am comfortable enough with myself not to wear one however, not so much with the rest of the world. It was like being pregnant and everyone wanting to touch you. UCKK! Lets hope it goes well! I will let ya know I am sure.

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  1. I am still amazed EVERY TIME I go out at the lack of courtesy that people have and just straight up zero manners.

    The other day, we donated some items at the thrift store and a woman felt the need to come up to me and comment on my pregnant belly. When she found out how early along I was, she made a comment about me being fat. Normally I would brush it off... but being pregnant and emotional, it got to me.

    I am sorry those women and others made you feel uncomfortable enough to run out and buy a wig. Wig or not, you are gorgeous. I like your bald lack of locks, but if you chose the wig, I am sure you will rock that too.

    There are so many people who just "don't get it" and speak before thinking. So rude.

    A good friend of mine has a son currently in remission, so to give back, she held a head shaving fund raiser. She of course went bald and now months later still have people making comments.

    Screw them. You are stronger then that. You are not your body or this stupid ass cancer. You are a mommy who just gave her girl's an awesome room makeover, you've fixed up your house, and someone who continues to move forward despite challenges.

    Hugs to you friend.