Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello to new wall and less wallpaper! Oh and some wiring.

   As I have recently confessed my house is in repair mode all over the place. It seems like every room I walk into has something going on that just needs a little more done to it. I have made it my job to get something done everyday. Luckily my wonderful parent had time to stop by today. My mother and I took a horrible ugly piece of wall paper down. (I hate being domestic by the way) My father and I tackled running 100 feet of wire through my attic to our bathroom re-model. Then my wonderful completely amazing handy father tapped my dry-wall.  All said and done that was my long ass day lots of re-modeling with lots of wonderful help.
    I am grateful for my amazing family who has stood by my side through life's choices good and bad. They are always in  my corner cheering me forward. Watching me grow and learn. They support me even when I fall short of what they believe I am capable of. I am lucky to have found a place in our relationship where we can share our lives as adults. I continue to have my horizons widened by their words and actions. It is strange how it takes years to realize how wise the older generation can truly be. 

Thanks Mom and Dad, I couldn't have gotten through the day without you.

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