Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Sometimes you just find a friend that makes you happy. Corbynn hasn't had the easiest time making friends. She struggles with peer communication and doesn't deal well when she needs to compromise. This year she found Ryan T. he has been the dream friend. I heard him comfort her numerous times over her party. He had an almost brotherly protector vibe going. It was so amazing to see her truly connect with another child. 
I couldn't have pick a better kid for her to be friends with. He is sweet, nice, and all around a good kid. He makes her silly and that girl needs some silly in her life. 

It has been so hard watching her struggle with friendships. It almost seemed like she didn't even want them. I was SO worried last year when we made it all the way through 1st grade without a friend.  I am grateful for this young man and his amazing family who has also encourage their unique friendship.