Wednesday, October 26, 2011


       Bravery is a feeling. A feeling that doesn’t mean you’re physically strong. It means you stand up for yourself. That you move forward when you want to hide. Being brave means you cry and never feel ashamed. That means you support your family even when you’re afraid. Bravery means you hold your values up high for everyone to see. Bravery is more than an action. Bravery is being who you are.
         When you are brave you love with your whole heart! You jump in with two feet knowing it will be hard. 

            This year has been about change and part of that change was beginning to believe I was brave enough to fight back. Not just fight my body but, fight for my life that I had given up on.  I let myself die well before my time.  I have this chance to truly live.

       I am so happy to be in the medical trial. I am grateful for the scientist that worked all night to find a way to fight cancer differently. 

       I want to become brave. I want to continue this fight with a smile. I want this fight to be second to this wonderful journey that I am part of. 

     My family is incredible. My children are amazing. The way Eli can talk me into playing any game just to see his brain at work. The way Koda looks at me when her nails are newly painted like I am a hero. Watching Corbynn get off the bus from school as she plants her feet on the grass and SCREAMS “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE” every day.

     Mr. Jones shows me every day that I can give more love than I knew I had left. Mr. Jones is brave beside me when I am not. Mr. Jones is incredible.

       Cancer is a side note to a wonderful life of minutes and experience that are worth every moment of pain.
not to my life. It will be here until they find a way to cure it. My life is my family.

 Someday when I can take 100 dollars and spend it on just me I am going to take this online class. I am going to spend time on my soul.  I am going to nature that brave girl that is inside me with these amazing ladies. For now I am just going to watch from the forum and be inspired to be brave every day.


  1. Thank you for inspiring me when the going gets tough.
    Bravery is struggling through it. Carrying on when others might give up and I guess you & I are brave even though we shed tears about the situation at times.... Theres nothing wrong with that.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Hi Coey,

    You are truly BRAVE! I am a mother to a 21 year old son with Cancer (Glioblastoma Brain Cancer stage 4). James is also very brave, strong and positive. His Facebook Page is:
    He does not have a Blog, but, like you, his positivity, courage, sense of humour and strength continue to touch people around the world.

    Keep being who you are Coey <3 <3 <3