A little thing called Cancer.

       I was diagnosed with "terminal" stage four Soft Tissue Sarcoma. (I know could it be any less known of a cancer, right?)  After years of fighting cancer I had been given the final diagnosis of no hope. After almost an entire year of not fighting I have a chance again.. A trial. A trial that is changing everything. 

      My once LARGE brain tumor is now very small if not gone. One by one we are making war on my tumors. My once daily seizures are not so daily anymore. Everyday is an adventure and lots of complications have come and gone. 

      Our next large surgery is on March 14, 2012 when they will remove all of my uterus. As the days grow closer my mind races with thoughts of life moving forward without all of my parts and pieces. 

     I don't know a family that has not been effected by cancer. It seems I am hearing daily reports of of cancer among my close family and friends. I hope to make a difference in someones life. I hope to be an inspiration but, more than anything I just want someone to know they are not alone in cancer.

                                                                        More about my cancer.

Adult soft tissue sarcoma is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the soft tissues of the body.
The soft tissues of the body include the muscles, tendons (bands of fiver that connect muscles to bones), fat,blood vessels, fat,  and tissues around joints. Adult soft tissue sarcoma can form almost anywhere in the body, but are most common in the legs, abdomen, arms, and trunk.
There are many types of soft tissue sarcoma. The cells of each type of sarcoma look different under a microscope based on the type of soft tissue in which the cancer began.
To say the least this cancer is scary.. Some cases curable some not at all. Sarcoma's are scary little tumors with minds of their own. 

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