Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dear 2014,
Where did our time go? We did so many amazing things: snowboarding, hiking, traveling, new jobs, new friends. I am so grateful for the growth that came with you. I learned a lot from you; that I never thought I would learn. We had some hard moments that came with a lot of tears, but you pushed us through. It was a challenging year for a lot of reasons. Sean and my relationship blossomed under the pressure and the kids seemed to become little people with your time.  2014 you will not be forgotten anytime soon. I'll miss and look back on you fondly with a large heart that you helped open. You gave me the courage to open my heart and see things that I didn't even know were there. Thank you!
Dear 2015,
I envision great things for us. I see us making it through 365 days with out hardly blinking. I would like to be more intentional with you than I was with 2014. (Not to compare) I will respect you and the gift that you are. We are going to see a lot while you are here and I am looking forward to all those moments. I feel like we will be fast friends and we are going to continue 2014's growth. I plan on being more open to everything! We are going to work harder, because I want to help people. We are going to love more than ever before. Our relationship is going to be about the moments. Let's take advantage of our time together because it is way to short. Looking forward to getting to know you 2015.

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