Green What?

Over here at the Jones's we juice. 
Not sure if you are aware but cancer is a killer and we get our juice on daily.
We also know how Hard it is to find some GREAT juicing recipes. 
Juicing is can be awful when you don't have the right mixtures. 
Don't think we're too awesome; we started out holding our noses and gulping down our juice. 
Now we are in love. 
1. 2 green apples
2. 4 Celery stalks
3. 2 Cucumbers
4. 2 Large carrots
5. 2 whole Kale leaves
6. half a medium lemon.
7. a bit of fresh ginger.
This is awesome but you must have a nice juicer that can juice greens. This is what we use and we LOVE LOVE LOVE our juicer.
  They are a little spendy so if your not ready take out the leafy greens and go for more celery, apples, cucs. 
1. 2 beets
2. 3 apples medium
3. a little ginger. 
4. a half of cucumber
This was a starter juice for us WE love how sweet it is.
Don't forget you are doing this for you health. So make it count either buy local fresh organic produce or WASH WASH WASH your non-organic produce. You may even want to peel what you can!

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