Saturday, December 31, 2011


2011 coming to a close

I can’t believe we are at the end of 2011 already. Just to be clear this year FLEW by. I am not sure where it went. (well, okay three kids, an active social life, and burning man, and a engagement may have done it) It doesn’t seem like it has been 12 months since we rang in the year. This year was EPIC in more ways than I can count. Let us highlight a few:
1.     Sean and I got the kids into new schools.
2.    We made it through a year of living together without killing eachother.
3.    Every kid had a birthday and we didn’t kill them.
4.   We started a Real Estate company.
5.    Sean got a raise and another team.
6.   We finished remodeling the basement.
7.   Sean and I put in dozens of new flower beds.
8.    We went to Burning Man and came back.
9.    Dakota learned to read.
10.                       WE got engaged!

Those are just a few of the things we did this year. Not in any great order but all there. We had a lot of fun.   We did have our stretches of the not so good too.
1.     Seans father died.
2.    Brain radiation was brutal.
3.    Well all radiation was brutal.
4.   I can’t think of another but, I am sure there was more.

What am I looking forward to in 2012?
          I am expecting 2012 to be a great, challenging year. I am looking forward to seeing our company grow and prosper even in these hard times. I know that we have what it takes to make it. I think that the challenge of running a small business will bring lots of to-do list into my life and probably some stress.
          Sean’s good friend Scot is moving in with us until he can recover from his brain surgery. I am looking forward to the laughter Scot will bring to the house. I am also grateful that he wants to come to our home to do this. He is an incredibly talents person who will bring a lot of energy to our household. I know that it will be a lot of adjustments but, I believe in the end having Scot here will enriched all of our lives. But more than anyone’s I think Sean will feel joy being able to help his friend during this VERY rough time.
          As for the kids they will do more this year than they did last. We will have more rules but less tantrums as our children become little adults. I cannot wait to see what our children do with themselves this year.
          Last but not least me. I am hopeful for another great year of therapy that will continue to strengthen my chances against this cancer. I am thankful to be seeing 2012 will the door still open for maybe 2013. I am going to be planning a wedding in a few months. Then one day this year I will wake up and be Mrs. Jones. Wow crazy idea. Uh?

We will be out celebrating our amazing New Years. I will post some pictures later!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The proposal post

          I know I am a little late out with this post but, I it has taken a few days for it to really sink in that I am getting married!

At Thanksgiving Sean was being weird the whole Thanksgiving day at his grandma’s. Fidgeting and being strange you know when your man is being strange. It made the whole day a little off but, NOTHING happened. I put getting married at the back on my mind and moved forward. I didn’t need to get married to be happy with Sean. We were doing just fine without the piece of paper.
Two weeks later we got ready for the annual Santa Rampage party. (where a group of people dress up as Santa and head out on the town) Sean and I dressed up as elves with cute little ears to match.  We went to our good friends Kathy and Larry’s for a pre-party party and then we all headed down town.
We made it to our first stop and there at this horrible little underground hip hop bar they started playing my all-time favorite song I will walk five hundred miles. You know the one from Benny and June. I have had a love for this song ever since I can remember. I used to run around planning it on repeat on my Walkman.  It resonates deep within my soul as one of those few songs that explain what I see as true love. It makes me cry and dance at the same time. (gotta love a song like that) There it was playing at this strange little hip hop bar in the middle of down town. Sean grabbed my hand and pulled me in and as we danced there staring in one another’s eyes with me making jokes. He stopped and looked at me with those large blue eyes and said. “Miss Kayla Coey will you be my wife?” I said yes without hesitation and then promptly asked if he was serious. He laughed and said yes and then I cried. I always cry when things catch me off guard.
I must have been on a high cause I told just about everyone in the bar. I was glowing I heard later. I don’t think it could have been more us. Dressed up, out on the town, with 30 of our closest friends. It couldn’t have been better and I couldn’t be more in-love with this man. He is my rock. The one person who truly believe that  no matter what I was going to beat cancer. He is the one who stood next to me thru every treatment and laughed when I forget things and held me when I fell every time. He is the only person I can see my life with no matter how long that life is. I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my life with him.

After all of this I found out he had been trying to propose at Thanksgiving but, there were just too many people around and he was planning on doing it at Christmas. Then was taken by my little dow eyes and decided that he was just going to do it right there.

Monday, December 26, 2011


New Reader catch up

                                                                             I have noticed a LARGE group of new readers! I wanted to first WELCOME you all to my little blog. I thought the best way to welcome you all is to give you a little knowledge about who I am and my story. I started blogging for my two little girls so that when they grew up they would know who their mother was. I wanted to show them what their lives were like when I was still around. Now you can see that I am still here blogging away even though my expiration date was well over a year ago according to all the fact
                                              I have STS (soft tissue sarcoma) and yes I know what you’re thinking.. Uh? What is that? Well it is a rare form of cancer that grows tumors in you soft tissue. That mean about anywhere it wants to. It is a creature all on its own. There is currently no cure but, with advancing medicine over the last year and a half my life clock just keeps adding minutes. I am in a trial aka I am a Ginny pig for the medical industry. I have about 20 tumors that are all over my body but, they are slow growing and manageable right now.
                                              I have two wonderful daughters Dakota (koda) 7, and Corbynn (monkey) 5 and a soon to be step son Eli (the wizard) 10. I also have a wonderful man in my life Mr. Jones. He was unexpected to say the least and now we are planning a wedding for the spring.  We also have two Boston Terriers (Stella and Edderson) They are pretty damn cute if I do say so. We are also fostering a couple fish.
                                              Our lives are always complicated do to my CONSTANT radiation and treatment plan but, somehow that is just a side line to the crazy, fun, weird life of the jones.
Small intro to Living in Cancer thank you all for stopping by!
Happy Holiday's from the Jones!

      The holidays came through are house like a flash flood. We celebrate early so that the kids can have Christmas with their other family's. We had our celebration on the 22nd and my family came over and spent it with us. My brother even came over to enjoy some present opening fun. Having Ben here made my little heart sing; I miss him when we are not on good terms so having him here was the only present I really needed.  The kids had a blast opening presents.
  During dinner my engagement ring magically appeared. It was pretty awesome timing. The whole family got to see it take place. Sean was trying to open the box only to find out it was wrapped in a box and wrapped in another. Pretty funny stuff. 
  Everyone had a wonderful day and here is the photo roll...

Well this is where is would go but for some unknown reason the uploader is not working. So I will update this when it starts working again.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Dakota turned 7! 
Yes, it may have happened over a month ago but, it still needs a post. 
First the pictures
Dakota opening presents

    Did you know that there is a three hour rule to girl's birthday parties? I didn't and now I do and I will be telling every new mom that I come across for years. I had NO idea how long four hours could be. No one was hurt, no one locked themselves away. We only had one crier. I think we may have been lucky in this regard. Everyone got their makeup done and dressed up pretty. Dakota had a great time! Honestly it went well but, I still wanted to pull out all my hair and have a melt down. 
    I mean what do you do about bratty little girls? We have one little girl that came to the party that is NEVER allowed back in my house. She was a complete brat the WHOLE time. I couldn't believe the things that came out of her mouth. She thought she should go first and when I suggested that they pick straw she stood there screaming that it wasn't fair because she might have to go last. She was the kind of kid that makes your child look like she fell from the sky with wings bearing gifts for a new world. That about sums it up.
Koda is 7. Crazy how fast it goes.


I am lame… Let’s count the ways

      You all know how it goes I remember to post up until the point where my life explodes and I don’t post. So many things happen here in the span of a few days that I can’t even keep you updated. I hate update post but I think one is due. Here comes my three post update.

      Sean and I are engaged!!!! I know this is no update but, it is my favorite thing to say right now.
We are planning away at our non-wedding wedding. We ran some numbers on what our kind of wedding would cost us. It is outrageous honestly. I cannot even start to imagine spending 15k on one day. First off the stress of a wedding is overwhelming not to mention sensitive. I hate deciding who to invite or not, how big, do we get a band, what kind of food do we want, is it themed? There are so many decisions to make. I want my wedding to be a calm happy day to celebrate Sean and I life together.  Isn’t that the whole point our life? We started getting all wrapped up in who wanted to see us get married.
      All the sudden while talking with Julie (Sean’s amazing mother) I realized that all they want is for us to happy and together. Yes, they would love to see us married but, they don’t have to. Now the planning is off the ground and running. We are thinking St. Johns in the spring. A wedding on the beach with just us is more our style. This is about us and we just want to show up get hitched and play on the beach for a week or so. Come home and have a nice BBQ with our friends and family. This is the plan that is coming together.
      I don’t mean to sound cheesy but this a HUGE deal to me; not that getting married isn’t a big deal on its own. The thought that I am planning out a life time with someone when last year I was planning my funeral gives me chills. ( I am serious about the funeral planning down to the last song.) I am amazed at how life can continue to grow even when the odds are against you. I never thought that I would be here planning a wedding. I never thought I would have another relationship but, once again I been proved wrong. Maybe that is the only continuing truth is that you never know what is in your future.  

Monday, December 12, 2011

We are getting MARRIED!
I almost can't believe it myself! Sean asked me to marry him Saturday night. With all of our friends around. It was amazing. There are no words for how I felt. I am pretty sure I was beyond happy. Yep pretty sure I may have been floating.  Love is such a strange thing so different every time. Sean makes love feel new everyday and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Sean is everything I have ever hoped for.
We haven't set dates, haven't made plans things are just starting to sink in. 
Sorry I have been MIA. Things with Scott have been rough. We have been sick, tired, and above all SERIOUSLY grouchy. There is your update.

Saturday, December 3, 2011



       Scot is talking today!!! Hurray. So, much relief to hear his voice to know that he is still in there! What can I say my heart is on a cloud? I am so thankful for the amazing doctors, nurses and staff that have been there every moment going through the motions. I know I say this all the time but, our medical technology is incredible. We couldn’t be luckier to live in this day and age.
       There is still a long road ahead and a lot of challenges. I think we can handle them now that we know that Scot is still in there. The brilliant man we have all come to know is still dwelling inside. Time will only tell how hard this is going to be. I am again humbled and thankful for all this life gives to us.

       In other news: I am feeling pretty good. I find myself a little lost from time to time. I cannot seem to put my finger on it but, I can tell that things aren’t as good as they have been before. Lucky for me I am preoccupied with Scot to notice my own little ailing’s.
Do you ever lie in bed and look at your lover in awe? I find I do that more and more every day. I am a lucky girl to have Mr. Jones. He makes my heart sing. No other way to say it. I know that this year has been a struggle for us all. Sean has been through a lot this year. His father passing, my cancer, work layoffs, and now Scot all in under an year. Mr. Jones holds it together so well you wouldn’t even now there was glitch in the system. He comforts me when I should be comforting him. Ahh yes, this must be some kind of love. I am starting to believe that maybe this is my first “real” love. It feels different in every way. Not in the ways I would have thought.
Okay I am done gushing about him.

Happy Saturday.