Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holiday's from the Jones!

      The holidays came through are house like a flash flood. We celebrate early so that the kids can have Christmas with their other family's. We had our celebration on the 22nd and my family came over and spent it with us. My brother even came over to enjoy some present opening fun. Having Ben here made my little heart sing; I miss him when we are not on good terms so having him here was the only present I really needed.  The kids had a blast opening presents.
  During dinner my engagement ring magically appeared. It was pretty awesome timing. The whole family got to see it take place. Sean was trying to open the box only to find out it was wrapped in a box and wrapped in another. Pretty funny stuff. 
  Everyone had a wonderful day and here is the photo roll...

Well this is where is would go but for some unknown reason the uploader is not working. So I will update this when it starts working again.


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