Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The proposal post

          I know I am a little late out with this post but, I it has taken a few days for it to really sink in that I am getting married!

At Thanksgiving Sean was being weird the whole Thanksgiving day at his grandma’s. Fidgeting and being strange you know when your man is being strange. It made the whole day a little off but, NOTHING happened. I put getting married at the back on my mind and moved forward. I didn’t need to get married to be happy with Sean. We were doing just fine without the piece of paper.
Two weeks later we got ready for the annual Santa Rampage party. (where a group of people dress up as Santa and head out on the town) Sean and I dressed up as elves with cute little ears to match.  We went to our good friends Kathy and Larry’s for a pre-party party and then we all headed down town.
We made it to our first stop and there at this horrible little underground hip hop bar they started playing my all-time favorite song I will walk five hundred miles. You know the one from Benny and June. I have had a love for this song ever since I can remember. I used to run around planning it on repeat on my Walkman.  It resonates deep within my soul as one of those few songs that explain what I see as true love. It makes me cry and dance at the same time. (gotta love a song like that) There it was playing at this strange little hip hop bar in the middle of down town. Sean grabbed my hand and pulled me in and as we danced there staring in one another’s eyes with me making jokes. He stopped and looked at me with those large blue eyes and said. “Miss Kayla Coey will you be my wife?” I said yes without hesitation and then promptly asked if he was serious. He laughed and said yes and then I cried. I always cry when things catch me off guard.
I must have been on a high cause I told just about everyone in the bar. I was glowing I heard later. I don’t think it could have been more us. Dressed up, out on the town, with 30 of our closest friends. It couldn’t have been better and I couldn’t be more in-love with this man. He is my rock. The one person who truly believe that  no matter what I was going to beat cancer. He is the one who stood next to me thru every treatment and laughed when I forget things and held me when I fell every time. He is the only person I can see my life with no matter how long that life is. I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my life with him.

After all of this I found out he had been trying to propose at Thanksgiving but, there were just too many people around and he was planning on doing it at Christmas. Then was taken by my little dow eyes and decided that he was just going to do it right there.

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