Saturday, December 3, 2011



       Scot is talking today!!! Hurray. So, much relief to hear his voice to know that he is still in there! What can I say my heart is on a cloud? I am so thankful for the amazing doctors, nurses and staff that have been there every moment going through the motions. I know I say this all the time but, our medical technology is incredible. We couldn’t be luckier to live in this day and age.
       There is still a long road ahead and a lot of challenges. I think we can handle them now that we know that Scot is still in there. The brilliant man we have all come to know is still dwelling inside. Time will only tell how hard this is going to be. I am again humbled and thankful for all this life gives to us.

       In other news: I am feeling pretty good. I find myself a little lost from time to time. I cannot seem to put my finger on it but, I can tell that things aren’t as good as they have been before. Lucky for me I am preoccupied with Scot to notice my own little ailing’s.
Do you ever lie in bed and look at your lover in awe? I find I do that more and more every day. I am a lucky girl to have Mr. Jones. He makes my heart sing. No other way to say it. I know that this year has been a struggle for us all. Sean has been through a lot this year. His father passing, my cancer, work layoffs, and now Scot all in under an year. Mr. Jones holds it together so well you wouldn’t even now there was glitch in the system. He comforts me when I should be comforting him. Ahh yes, this must be some kind of love. I am starting to believe that maybe this is my first “real” love. It feels different in every way. Not in the ways I would have thought.
Okay I am done gushing about him.

Happy Saturday.

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  1. So pleased about Scott. Lets hope its the beginning of the road to recovery.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May