Monday, December 26, 2011


New Reader catch up

                                                                             I have noticed a LARGE group of new readers! I wanted to first WELCOME you all to my little blog. I thought the best way to welcome you all is to give you a little knowledge about who I am and my story. I started blogging for my two little girls so that when they grew up they would know who their mother was. I wanted to show them what their lives were like when I was still around. Now you can see that I am still here blogging away even though my expiration date was well over a year ago according to all the fact
                                              I have STS (soft tissue sarcoma) and yes I know what you’re thinking.. Uh? What is that? Well it is a rare form of cancer that grows tumors in you soft tissue. That mean about anywhere it wants to. It is a creature all on its own. There is currently no cure but, with advancing medicine over the last year and a half my life clock just keeps adding minutes. I am in a trial aka I am a Ginny pig for the medical industry. I have about 20 tumors that are all over my body but, they are slow growing and manageable right now.
                                              I have two wonderful daughters Dakota (koda) 7, and Corbynn (monkey) 5 and a soon to be step son Eli (the wizard) 10. I also have a wonderful man in my life Mr. Jones. He was unexpected to say the least and now we are planning a wedding for the spring.  We also have two Boston Terriers (Stella and Edderson) They are pretty damn cute if I do say so. We are also fostering a couple fish.
                                              Our lives are always complicated do to my CONSTANT radiation and treatment plan but, somehow that is just a side line to the crazy, fun, weird life of the jones.
Small intro to Living in Cancer thank you all for stopping by!


  1. Thank you for filling us in. There were things there that I have learnt by reading this post.
    You are a brave lady and give me hope to face my cancer.

    Hoping you've had a really special time this Christmas.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. We all could learn from you dear lady, may 2012 be a happy year for you and your family....Hugs