Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I am lame… Let’s count the ways

      You all know how it goes I remember to post up until the point where my life explodes and I don’t post. So many things happen here in the span of a few days that I can’t even keep you updated. I hate update post but I think one is due. Here comes my three post update.

      Sean and I are engaged!!!! I know this is no update but, it is my favorite thing to say right now.
We are planning away at our non-wedding wedding. We ran some numbers on what our kind of wedding would cost us. It is outrageous honestly. I cannot even start to imagine spending 15k on one day. First off the stress of a wedding is overwhelming not to mention sensitive. I hate deciding who to invite or not, how big, do we get a band, what kind of food do we want, is it themed? There are so many decisions to make. I want my wedding to be a calm happy day to celebrate Sean and I life together.  Isn’t that the whole point our life? We started getting all wrapped up in who wanted to see us get married.
      All the sudden while talking with Julie (Sean’s amazing mother) I realized that all they want is for us to happy and together. Yes, they would love to see us married but, they don’t have to. Now the planning is off the ground and running. We are thinking St. Johns in the spring. A wedding on the beach with just us is more our style. This is about us and we just want to show up get hitched and play on the beach for a week or so. Come home and have a nice BBQ with our friends and family. This is the plan that is coming together.
      I don’t mean to sound cheesy but this a HUGE deal to me; not that getting married isn’t a big deal on its own. The thought that I am planning out a life time with someone when last year I was planning my funeral gives me chills. ( I am serious about the funeral planning down to the last song.) I am amazed at how life can continue to grow even when the odds are against you. I never thought that I would be here planning a wedding. I never thought I would have another relationship but, once again I been proved wrong. Maybe that is the only continuing truth is that you never know what is in your future.  

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