Meet Me

Meet Me.

       I am a little girl who grew up in a small town and started a family with my best friend. We had two little girls then my marriage fell apart. One day we woke up and realized that our relationship had nothing to do with us. Getting married on a practical joke is NO joking matter and having to get divorced before your 22 is no laughing matter either.
    I was diagnosed with cancer a few months later and moved what was left of my little family away to find better treatment options. I left everything I knew and never thought I would look back. I learned a lot about being a single mother of two. I learned even more about fighting cancer.

   Soft tissue sarcoma pretty much ruled my life for four years. They were hard years where I learned about myself. I took a job talking for a cancer society about fatal illness. Describing my life for work was like taking a knife to the heart all the time.
  I failed a lot in parenting during those years but, I always got up and tried again. I was not the best daughter, sister, friends or mother of the year by any means. I was selfish, angry, and terrified.

     My cancer was determined terminal after three years and I moved back home to my parents hoping to find myself before the time click on and I wasn't clicking on with it. The next seven months were the hardest in my life. As my body began to fail I started to truly take a look at myself. I wanted to leave here loving who I am.
   I never thought I would fall in love. That was never in the cards or so I thought.  I joined match just for kicks. I wanted to look at profiles creepy style, you know the one that looks but never contacts. One day I spied a handsome man that I couldn't pass by. I winked and the rest is history. Our first date was my last first date. I am head over heals in Love with Mr. Jones. You know the type of love that make you want to vomit on things.

We have three kids now Eli, Dakota, and Corbynn. They are all a handful. I love that about all of them!

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  1. i am SO glad we are friends (:

    and now i'm going to bug you about this practical joke story- that MUST be shared.... it simply MUST...