Tuesday, January 4, 2011

house remodel

     We have been in house re-do mode for the last few months IE: taking down wall paper and putting up texture. Cleaning out closets, making new room, carpeting floors, painting kids rooms, trying to figure out why 3700sq ft feel so small. I can tell you why it feels so small... THREE KIDS and NO STORAGE. I feel like I move things from one place to another with out any real spot for anything. I am a little OCD so being un-organized is not a option for us here at the Jones-Obray household. I am completely out of whack when the house is in shambles.
   Currently we are cleaning out the basement storage room. It was once the home to recently passed Dexter the Jones family cat. Dexter had some health issue. Just think Sick cat+small room= bad smell/fiecee covered floor/massive amounts of cat hair. I attacked with lemon smelling bleach.
"The Power of Bleach" is really no joking matter. It may only be 20 degrees F outside but, I had the door open and was gasping for air as I was making the storage room usable again. Having this done will bring us one step closer to having some where to put all the thing piled in my now family room.

    Dakota switched schools this week to a all day Kindergarten program.  We are trying to catch her back up with the other six years.  She is not truly behind but, while having two other gifted children in the home makes her feel and seem behind. I know that it is wrong to hold her to the other children's talents but, she holds herself there. I do not want her to ever feel "behind the curve" . so this class should help her feel ahead again.  It hurts me inside to think that she feel stupid or behind or incapable. I cried when she told me she didn't believe she was smart enough to go to all day Kindergarten. WOW talk about a blow to my parenting. Now is time to build up Dakota and make her realize her own potential. Any Ideas?

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