Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our newest memeber

Welcome Stella!

Stella came home with us the day after Christmas. We had been looking for a little one with no luck for a couple of months. Unsure of what we wanted and with out being able to fully agree. I love big furry dogs malimutes, St. Benards, and Huskies you can imagine my fear when my love told me he liked sleek dogs. What? Oh no! I don't want one of those. I need a smushie faced dog if I can not have a large furry cuddly dog. If you do not know what a smushie faced dog looks like think Boxer or any other cute animal that doesn't have much of a face. We settled on either him giving in or me giving in on what kind of a dog we would end up with. The only dog we could agree upon was a Boston Terrier. Who knew that Boston's are hard to find here in Boise, Id. I looked and looked and looked only to be met with the fact that we were going to have to go to Portland to pick up dog and pay 1000 dollars for a pet. 
   I was on craigs list the day after x-mass and there at the top of the list was two year old Stella. There wasn't much to the add other than saying that she may or may not like little ones under 6. We took a chance and bought her the same day. Turns out she is wonderful with everyone including babies. She has so much personality; you can always tell when she is upset, playful, tired or just plain mad at you. Her eyes are very expressive and she seems to know how to tell you what she wants. Other than hating the cold she seems to be just fine. 
    I have always been a pet person. I have loved having a pet to comfort me when I am down or sick. Something about a friend that can not talk back makes me feel wonderful. The endless love you recieve and get to give makes it all worth it. (even the occiational messes) She has made this house really feel like my own home.  I was having trouble feeling connected to my new house. I could not seem to find my "spot". I was feeling very out of place, nervous, and unsure. Stella came home and I think we made this place our home together. She is my house sidekick! I love her to pieces. 


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