Friday, January 21, 2011



  I love Friday's; not for the reasons most of you love Friday but, because Friday is a happy day. It is the first day of the week that I get me time, the last day I tend to feel awful, and best of all my Mr. Incredible is off work by five. Today is even better; Sean is working from home. So right now as I update all of you, I am laying on our to small couch with Sean sitting on the edge fully immersed in his work. Even though we rarely share a word we are together making it through the day. While I am studying about diagnosing and treatment of BP11 (bipolar stage 2) Mr. Incredible is making some employee happy all while satisfying the needs of some other partner corporation. It is wonderful to be able to work together with out speaking and know that we are just that together. 
    Sean is a manager at a IT corporation in Boise. He works in a cutting edge industry and is proud to work with the people that he gets to. One of the many things that made me love Sean is his love for other people. Sean is a positive force here at home but, also on the work front. He genuinely cares about the success of his employees and of his peers. He is continually telling me about someone that he is hoping to help reach their goals. Sean is the kind of manager that I always wanted. He wants people under his care to have fun, feel appreciated and be happy coming to work. I love meeting people that he works with they are always telling me what a wonderful manager he is. It makes me proud to be with a man that cares as much at work as he does at home. I think that speaks volumes about his character. 
  Sorry just had to share... He is cute here working away. I don't think I tell him often enough how much I respect him. (not that he reads my blog, so I should voice this out loud at some point)
     Today, is a much healthier day. I woke up feeling rested and more alert than I have felt since Tuesday. I almost feel human again. It makes me want to go out and be crazy even though I know my body still wants to rest until the cows come home. We don't have cows so I know that would be a long time. 
    I love morning when things are slow, when the world seems like it is not moving. I love that I can still feel lost in the moments. I could take a nap right here and awake still believing it is morning even though it would be well into the afternoon. 
   I am learning that simply being in love with life is enough. That I don't have to get caught up in anything. That my choice are just that mine. That I do not have to get involved in anything that is not mine. I have the ability to make those choices. Right now I am choosing to not let myself get down about radiation. I am constantly trying to change my negative thoughts into more positive powerful thoughts. I am not going to lie, this is hard, I am sick, I am scared, and I feel overwhelmed but, how I react to these are completely my choose. 
    Looking forward to another amazing weekend with friends! Any ideas for a cute amine costume? I am planning on going out this weekend for a birthday party bash for the wonderful Jessica. Who wanted a school girl bar crawl... I am on the hunt for idea's today. Please get them in before tonight...LOL I know short notice. I haven't had time to turn on my brain until today.


  1. No ideas on the costume, but wanted to say I am glad you had such a good day. It sounds like you are lucky in love with an amazing man by your side. I hope you get well rested this weekend and feel fully refreshed to start your week.

    Take it easy momma!


  2. A girlfriend of mine came up with a awesome costume so you are off the hook lady! Loving your flashback Friday. Hope you wouldn't be offend if I stole your wonderful Idea!