Thursday, February 23, 2012


I want to start coffee table book that shows mom during the middle 
of the day. 
For some reason I know I have these secret things I do
when left alone with just the littles.

I often wonder what other mothers do in the middle of the day. 
Do they take long baths? Do they watch tv in their underwear? Do they 
reload gun shells? I just don't know what these
awesome other mothers are doing during the day. I know that my day are consumed by kids and activities but did you know at 3:30 my house is STILL a complete mess. 
Up until the moment I realize in order to get it clean BEFORE Sean gets home, I have to start NOW. 
Now is normally not until 4:15 due to a child's voice wanting an ELEPHANT to magically appear in our living room. 

By the way did I mention. I miss napping in the middle of the day.
I don't get to do that anymore either. 
Maybe another day at another time I will find those moments that I used to have for all the little things I love. 

Back to my mission: I think I want to 
start dropping in on my friends at random hours of the day and take pictures. 
I know not many of them will go for it but, I think it would be rad.

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