Friday, February 3, 2012


Hurray it is Friday! I know that this shouldn’t mean much to me but oh it really does.

When you were a kid how often did you have three hours a night of homework? When did school become a full time job? Eli had an invention that was started on Monday and due yesterday. Our home schedule was completely destroyed by the need for hours of work every night. I still want the kids to get out of the house daily. They should be able to enjoy after school. They go to school nine months out of the year for 6 hours a day.  I truly believe they should be able to do more in class. My kindergardener is bringing home homework she is FIVE. I was playing in mud puddles at school at five. I don’t know if I brought home a piece of homework until maybe fourth grade. I am all for instilling hard work ethic but, I believe our children still need to PLAY.

Okay, Okay I am off my rant.

On a plus not Koda is getting better at taking pictures. It is her new passion and she is in LOVE. I am excited to see her so happy about a hobby.
 My over shirt was given to me by the wonderful Anita my neighbor along with an amazing black Kathy purse.  Take note of the slight hair change. Little bit of blond little bit of red.

Missing part of my head but over all cute shot.

Getting very excited about my birchwood box it should be here in just a few days. I also went crazy on Amazon last night picking out a new calendar, massage oil, and a makeup primer. (never used makeup primer but, have heard it is the BOMB)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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