Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Storage unit

Sean's Grr. face.
    When we arrived in Portland on Friday afternoon we went straight to the storage unit to see what all was in there. We were expecting to see a semi-organized storage unit with some furniture and boxes. Standing out in the rain cutting off the lock to the storage unit you can imagine my shock when the door rolled open and saw a completely pack floor to ceiling of stuff... I mean stuff. Sean and I stood there in shock trying to even figure out where to start. It was raining and the unit was packed to the point we couldn't move anything with out it getting wet.  So, I climbed in to see what we were in for there was stuff everywhere. Sean and I packed up the car with donations and decided to go eat and figure out what we were going to do.
    We decided that there was not room for both the coast and the storage unit. So storage unit won. Saturday was spent with donations centers, trash center, and repacking Sean's dad stuff. Going through some ones belongings that you didn't know was strange. It was interesting finding all the pictures from Sean's childhood, seeing his mother young and beautiful. 
   We got every thing packed in a uhaul that Sean drove back and I drove my car. It was a long tired weekend but, we made it home safe unpacked and got back to the grind.

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