Thursday, April 14, 2011

Packed and ready to roll

Sean and I are heading out to Portland tomorrow morning the weekend. We have planned some fun during our duty trip to pick up Sean's fathers estate. Plan's aren't really in place but, we are hoping to go out to Cannon beach and eat some crab and spend a few moments on the beach. Mostly just stuff my face full of crab until I burst. (I know self indulgence is not always healthy but, I love crab)
    I haven't been to the Oregon coast in a few years even though I have found myself close a few times. I have a love hate relationship with the Oregon coast. It has been a place that I have run to at times when things were rough. I went there when I was 15 on my first friend road trip after my parents divorce, after Mikey killed him self I spent a week on the beach staring into the sea, after my divorce, and my diagnoses. I have so many memories there both of relief, fear, and burden. Going there is both a joy and a remembrance of all of the rough times I have been through. It is so beautiful there. It is calm serene, with a hint of violence. Everything washes in and washes out all within one cycle of 24 hours. What a amazing thing our world. I loved feeling that everything can change in just a few short hours, that those pains of yesterday could quickly become the joys of tomorrow and for the most part they always did. Now this time we are making the trip to the coast while dealing with Sean's fathers passing... I am sure at some point I am going to need a trip to my favorite coast with a little more joy. For now I am thankful for the chance to put my feet into the sand and look out onto the waves. To hold my man close and enjoy a raining weekend.

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