Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello Portland.

We are currently driving down I 84 heading west to Portland, Oregon.  Aren’t you just amazed at currently technology? Every day it changes and in turn changes how we communicate with the world. I love that while doing 75 mph I can blog.  It is a gloomy day out here on the road; very dark and feels cold even though I am not sure if it is.
With all of the changes that have been going on at our house. I have of course been eye balls deep in research. Finding truth among the common thought can be more difficult than you can imagine. I never thought I was blind to what I was putting in my body. I never even considered myself unhealthy. I thought I had a well-balanced diet with a few “treats”. Turns out I have spent most of my life poisoning myself in one way or another. 
We have been spending our morning juicing our amazing green juice aka: cucumber, kale, spinach, carrot, and celery. It does not look very appetizing when you are staring down the glass at the murkiest green slush you have ever seen. Sean and I had to tell each other it was going to taste horrible and just to expect it in order to take the first drink; to our surprise it was not as bad as expected. I also didn’t expect to continue to crave my new found breakfast throughout the rest of my day.  It has very quickly become a part of my day. I feel full of energy and awake after 16-20oz of wonderful green goodness.
We also cleared out our pantry all of the “dirty” food that was filling it. Do you know what is in your food? Can you pronounce everything on the list? I sure could not. I was appalled that my staple mushroom soup had 30 ingredients. More appalling than the list was that I had never looked at what was on the list before today.  I am almost ashamed at my former health conscious self for not thinking more about what I was putting in my body not to mention the body of my children. The hormones, preservatives, antibiotics and a long list of things that your body can’t even digest is mind altering. I have never been fanatical about much of anything however, I can now see why people become that way.  When you start to dig for information you start to hear and learn things that not even the deepest parts of you can deny; we are filling ourselves full of poison.
We have been making so many small steps little by little. I know we would fall if we just tried to alter every piece of our diet all at once.  So out went dairy products and processed food first. It is one large step in a even larger project to a healthy lifestyle for us and our kids.

Eli was tested for the gifted and talented program at school and we are hopefully that we will be able to find him a new school for next year that is more challenging for him. Eli wants to be challenged and should be but, does that mean that we are heading for a private school in order to get him where he needs to be? I have very mixed emotions about private schools. I have seen both side of the problem and I am not sure on is truly better than the other. When we get his results back we will know for sure what direction we are heading in.
Dakota was sick the other night and coughed most of the night.  She stayed up until 11:20 coughing which also means I stayed up that late waiting for her to feel better which happened early this morning before we left on this trip. I think she may be struggling again but, she hasn’t wanted to open up about it recently .
    Corbynn is doing amazing well on Jumpstart.com which is her online learning center. She is breezing through all of the activities. Math doesn’t seem to scare her, reading is slowly coming together. I am so impressed with the program I was recommending it to everyone I know. She is still working on talking back but it is getting better.

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