Sunday, February 21, 2010

Relationships and Cancer.

I know the weeks have flown by and my ability to commit to my blog has been a little bit under the weather. I have to admit when I don't sit down and blog daily. I am forced to realize that I have to cut out the many stories that have happened over the weeks... So today I am forced to give a breakdown in order than I will a little more info to the important ones.

1. Started a new cancer diet. Which sadly included five days of fasting, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, massive fiber. As you can probably imagine how that would make one feel. I only made it two days before I came to the understanding that when someone tell you that you can't eat all you want to do is eat everything that you can't eat. I on the third day I ate two little things, and the fourth day I had a couple cracker and a full meal. The meal made it down for about fifteen minutes and then resurfaced in the local restaurant bathroom. Well hello and good bye my favorite chicken. I made it all the way through almost six full days with two smoothies and a lot of water. On day six, I stood on the wii and found out that I had lost seven and a half pounds.
Then off with the new diet of parabolic foods... It is like being vegan but, a little harder. You have the option of meat but, it is so hard to find meat that meets the general requirements that you just don't really get it. So every thing you eat has to be truly Organic. No growth hormone, pesticides, nothing on the label that you don't know what it is, no natural flavoring, and nothing that is not 100 percent what it is in the wild. I had no idea how hard this was going to be until I went to the grocery store. Nothing that says it is Organic is really even Organic they all have something in them. Corn starch, bleach sugar. They all have something. Bryan and My mom and I spent almost three hours searching for foods I could eat, it was hard. However here are the great things that I get to eat.
1. freeze fried veggies. OMG These were the first snacks I found. I love them ingredients... Corn, peas, tomato. Great little snack, these little things made me a happy camper. Thank you.
2. Carrot Juice... If you have to drink fiber this stuff rules.
3. Organic Bread... I never knew how much junk was in your bread next time you go look. You are not even eating bread.
4. Free Range Eggs, Yes did you know they give growth hormone to chickens?
5. Organic Celery... This stuff is tasty.

3. Friends... I have a new one with a strange story to go with. The morning after the huge fight with Bryan I found myself at the local artsy coffee shop. I went to sit down and the only spot open which happen to be next to this fabulous trendy girl. As soon as I sat down we started talking. She gave me a compliment about my hair flower which led to two hours worth of conversation. I felt so connected with her, it isn't often that you find someone you are truly conneced with. Before she left we talked about school and turns out she went to school with my brother... even more strange her best friend is the daughter of the lady my dad had a seven year affair with... We exchanged numbers I am greatly looking forward to spending time with her soon.
My good friend Dustin came in this weekend for his mothers 50th birthday! It was awesome to see him. He got to meet Bryan which was awesome. Mostly due to Dustins comments under his breath.

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