Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My house

     My home has exploded!!! why is it when my Sean and I are both home sick the house is just a total mess. It was like the perfect storm of stuff.
     My brother came over and painted our bathroom and re-stained the deck. So there is evidence of home improvements every where. Between that and our own general lack of cleanselness our house has hit and all time low. HOLY DISHES... seriously.

      This whole joint parenting thing is a bitch. There was a time that I thought I had it made. We had weekends off and a lot grown up time. I was living the single life and the family life it was awesome. It isn't so awesome anymore. It is getting harder and harder to share the girls. Between activities and friends the girls just seem to be missing out. This week is the school carnival and I am painting faces. The girls can't come because its their dads weekend.
    There is a lot going on there and it is hard. It is all very hard. I feel like I am pressed between a rock and a hard spot with all the family drama. That I have never had before.

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