Friday, November 1, 2013

Little Bully's

   They seem to be every where and a lot younger than I remember them being when I was small. Those bully's seem to know how to cut you down and do it well. I am amazed at how quickly my amazing, strong, smart 3rd grade daughter becomes a weak, sad, unsure little girl.
    The bulling has been going on for a couple of years that means the "mean" girls started early 1st grade. The things have been said and done are not just little girl stuff they are straight up MEAN.  I have heard reading retard, your just not smart, I am so much cuter than you that I will most defiantly be picked before you, the only reason these people are friends with you is because I tell them to be. This is just what I have heard.
   Where is this coming from? How have we become people that teach our children to be diva's, princesses, brats? These are the idols are small children have. No wonder we have little girls that are worried about their figure at 7. These little girls believe that they can talk like adults, dress like them, and even worse that they are encouraged to act like them. Everything that we tell them, let them watch, and show them is pushing them more and more into this attitude that is getting worse. My girls don't want to be astronauts; they want to be the next big diva on Disney channel. Have you read Junie B Jones lately? She is horribly behaved and doesn't have any idea how to speak and she is a staple in every 5-8 year old library.
     I am starting to feel we are creating these "mean" girls by letting them believe they are diva, princess, above their elders. I know as a generation we wanted everything to be fair. I think we have pushed fair to a whole new level. I heard a child about six tell their mother in the grocery store "That she wasn't the boss and she would do what I say." Come on, really?
    I have no where to judge my children own all of these books. They watch the shows. I see the attitude yet I haven't put on my big mommy panties and said no more. Now I am dealing with bulling and it isn't just the child or even their parents; It is everything about what little girls are these days.  I am sad. It just seems like we are training them to look in the mirror and criticize and then expect everything because they are "perfect princesses". I know this is a rant but COME on.
Done thanks.
And then there were Halloween photos and such coming tomorrow when I am less angry.

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