Friday, October 30, 2009

Preparing for Halloween...

So, here I am back at Jareds house getting ready for Halloween. It is my non-families favorite time. We are going to take my girls trick or treating to all of our friends. I have been a parent for four Halloweens and this is the first time I have takent he girls trick or treating. There is a slight guilt for this. I feel as if I have missed out on at least two great years of dress up, freezing weather and a unholy amount of candy. It is odd to think this wasn't a priority before. Picking out costumes was such a fun experience of the personalities of my girls. As my mother and I walk through target the girls have a idea of what they want to be. Koday wants to be a princess and Corbynn thinks she would like to be a fairy. Suddenly Corbynn see's this hilarous riding dinorsar costume, and she just goes ga ga over it. She really wants it. I almost couldn't believe it and she kept to it. She is now going to be a riding dino and Koda true to form, a princess.

We got back to Salt Lake on Tuesday night spent the five hour drive with two girls sleeping and me singing bad 80 music. Luckily the girls didn't wake up once from the freeway to the turn into the house. It made for a silient drive. Made it back in almost record time to Anthony sitting in the drive way ready to help me unload to sleeping girls.

It is really hard to think that I might not see them dressed up for another halloween. I don't really believe it yet.

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