Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween eve

I wanted to start a blog so that my friends and family could be part of my adventures. First, I have to tell you I can't spell, and my writing skill are way behind. So give me a little slack, doing the best I can.
I am in Salt lake this week again visiting friends for the week. I really miss this place when I am not here. I have a hard time leaving the family that is so strong here. They are so amazing and supportive.
Anthony rented a bunch of DJ stuff for a photo shoot yesterday and we got lucky and he set it up here at the house. I am always surprised at how well the girls interact with my friends. They are some of the only kids within the group. Sometimes I think my friends are coming over more for them then for me. Koda really seems to seek out the one person that is quite and fun. Last night she attached herself to my friend Amie. Watching her talk about life with Amie was so funny. The two of them sat on the couch talked and talked. She seemed so content there with her. All the while Corbynn dance the night away with every man at the party. She is such a flirt. I see myself in her all the time. She is so out going and strong. The girls and I danced like rocks tars until about ten. I was really surprised with how well the girls went to bed last night. The whole house was thumping away and they slept like the dead.
It was really fun to get together out of no where last night. We hadn't really planned on going anywhere last night we were going just going to sit around and watch scary movies. Out of no where people just starting showing up and hanging out. It was nice to see most of my second family. Anthony played such a great set that everyone just seemed to dance the night away.
I LOVE these people and can't imagine my life without them.

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