Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sperm Bucket

Being home is like a warp time zone the people never change and are always on the same rant. I don't think I have seen a sperm pool like my home town. Where everyone you know is having sex or did have sex with one of my close friends. I swear, some days I wonder what friends old bumping buddy just became mine. It is like a wedding where you give some one something old and blue now you just get it still blue and not so used...
Cancer and sex don't seem to go together so nice. I wonder all the time if it is like a safety net for men, she isn't going to make it much longer so it is a safe bet to say she isn't going to expect me to get to attached or even committed to the relationship. It is the cancer lotto, one girl three maybe five years and a lot of everything with no ring involved.
It would be dumb to say that I don't want that all consuming love anymore, I just don't expect to ever really obtain such a feat. I am happy with the moments that I am being given. It is a gift getting to spend time with people that don't have to give that time. I chance to learn something new everyday... What can I say I will take it.

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