Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Midnight Thanksgiving shopping.

Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday by any means. I personally hate cooking and when you hate cooking you end up doing a lot of cleaning there for I usually tend to avoid all Thanksgiving activities. This year I am not so lucky, I am home for the Holidays in every since of the word. I am in Boise doing the family things.
My mother enjoys midnight shopping so she called and scheduled her shopping time for right after the girls go to bed on her lunch break today. So I spent my day really thinking about how much I hate food shopping. Let me tell you it is not fun, I get no enjoyment out of this. Not to mention I was up really early with the girls and spent half my day trying to sleep off this horrible headache that never leaves. The girls went to school today and made all kinds of Thanksgiving coloring stuff. It was fun to see the look on Koda's face when grandpa Dean let her stick it on his fridge. She is so excited by the littlest things. Which makes me happy to know she get it. She knows that the small stuff matters. Koda understands that the point of bubbles is to play in them even when they get up your nose and every where else. She understand it is in her greatest duty to play and enjoy every moment of playing in the sea of bubbles. I like that about kids.... JOY.
My mom can and got us up from our preshopping nap and off we went to walmart and then to winco because walmart didn't have enough stuff when does Walmart not have enough stuff that is all that is there is stuff. Around every corner of Winco ,I could hear Bryan screaming what I paid twice what said item was one sale for at winco. Something about the way he screams joy makes me smile on the inside or maybe it is just the fat kid screaming in the little kids body as he looks forward to family cooking tomorrow. I love the way he get so happy about everything.. He makes me happy about food. I don't even like eating let alone cooking. I should look into raw living just to avoid it. Mom found a turkey but in order to get said turkey she had to spend fifty bucks so she spent the entire Winco time trying to spend more so she could save 60 cents a pound. My mom is a go getter she came out on top spending eighty. Never doubt the power of mom to spend money.
Can't wait to see how cooking plays out three strong adults cooking in one kitchen. I am staying on the couch.

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