Wednesday, August 3, 2011



        I am sure you have noticed my slight vacancy around the blog-o-sphere this week but, I am back. I always said that life keeps moving and it does. The lawn still needs mowed my flowers still need watered, bills still need paid.
 Our mobile burning man unit is still in construction and we only have THREE WEEKS left until we are on the playa. It seems weird to be this close to the burn again. We are painting inside grey and electric blue on thursday. We just redid all of the cushions and I should have taking a before picture because, they were about as ugly seventies as you could get.  We have made leaps and bounds with her though. We cut a whole and put in an air conditioner in. We pulled out some wall pieces that had water damage and replaced them. Re-did all the window seals and put up new molding around all the windows.
It has been a family adventure meaning my parents have done 90% of the work and Sean and I are learning along the way. From putting on a hitch to fixing some old RV windows, they have been right there showing me the tricks. I am lucky that I have amazingly handy family.
I am not doing any more radiation until after the burn. Mostly, I just don’t want to cut my hair again before the burn. I want to put in fun yarn braids for the burn! Radiation is going well. The months they said I had left are hopefully becoming years. Every new advance in technology brings hope into my life.  Rebuilding my goals and finding new meaning is what life is about now. When you are counting down the days it is much easier not to have goals; just wishes. Now I need goals again. I need a reason, a course, a dream. So, moving forward is all that I can do and all I want to do.

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  1. I am starting radiation on the 11th.
    I have had my hips measured up and a small tattoo put on my back! I won't lose my hair but I am being warned about the tiredness that I will feel though.

    I like to defy the hospital and keep going for MUCH longer than is usual.
    I am already doing that! Isn't it a great feeling? .....because wonderful as they are.......... they don't know everything.

    So glad that you are fighting them too and proving them wrong!!!! Keep going gal and I will do the same.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May