Wednesday, June 22, 2011


     So, the last week has been insane! One kid after another getting sick and then giving it to the next. Eli ran a fever for a entire week before he was taken in to get checked. Then Corbynn got it out of no where! So every one had some aliment that was forcing me to be under water.  It was a difficult week to say the least so sorry for the delay on a couple post that were in mix while my week unfolded into fevers, chills, and coughs coming from every direction.
     Seeing all the kids sick is hard. I hate feeling helpless waiting for antibiotics to kick in. Waiting for their hard core coughs to subside and the little smiles to return. Summer sickness is the worst all the neighborhood kids playing and our little ones stuck inside running fevers, wrapped in blankets, watching movies while their friends run in sprinklers. 
     I would load some pictures but, the picture loader is not working. sad.

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  1. Hope they are better very soon and that you don't get it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May