Monday, April 16, 2012


Wow, I am a little more than lame this time. I do have an excuse this time though. Sean has been very sick and there have been a lot of parties. I know that this makes absolutely no sense but, it is true. We had a very fun, very large party that we were to attend on Saturday. That also meant that there was fun to be had on Friday and Sunday.

So like the rock stars we are. Sean was sick all week and spent some time in the ER... Followed by four days of staying home from work. Then quickly on to the PARTY. It was a lot of fun with a consider amount of sleep deprivation.

We have been slowly migrating through the burning man crowd as we begin to find where we fit here in Boise. The scene is different here split and socially diverse. Maybe it everywhere maybe before it was that we happened upon out peers and never had to go in search of them.

Strangly again maybe we weren't searching but, they happened upon us. It was a little to be welcomed into a group of peers. It has been a long time since we have been around peer at least within the burning man circle.

I should explain what I mean by peers. They are also parents, have careers, are around Sean's age. So this makes them more peers than most. There was a sense of belonging with in the interaction. A sense of fun filled days and night to come. There was life with in the group that you could FEEL. It was very much like going back and sitting next to Cat on the Med. Just that sense that maybe there wasn't anyone to truly impress at all. That it is possible just to be part of a life style with a larger community.

Pictures to follow.

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