Sunday, April 8, 2012


My little on turned 6 this week. 
On her sixth birthday.
It is hard to believe that six years ago I gave birth to my 
last child. 

It is amazing how she has grown.
How I used to hold her in my arms and hope 
she would stay small forever. 

I don't know if I ever told her birth story probably not. 
So I think that is how I will celebrate her birthday. 

On April 4 2006 I was 38 weeks pregnant and grumpy. I was painting what was going to be Corbynn and Dakota's new room. We had picked out two shades of blue and a bright yellow.  I was so FAT.. I know you can't imagine it but think FAT. I bloated to the size of a small cow when I was pregnant.

As the day went on my mother started to notice that I was acting funny. I thought she was being crazy however we took her word for it and started watching and sure enough I was having pain free contractions! We waited a few hours and when the were 8 minutes apart headed into the hostpital. Only to be told that no we would not be having a baby that day or any day soon for that matter. 

I cried all the way home just wishing that this baby would GET out of my stomach and into my arms. I didn't sleep well either. I tossed and turned with every hour that passed. The morning came I was uncomfortable. I couldn't walk around or sit for long periods. I was also stressed to the max about having to do more painting. I was also a little embarrassed of our premature outing to the hospital the day before. 

A few hours passed and I started to notice my stomach was tightening a lot. I could see it contract once again I had no pain so I decided it was just some contractions. About two hours later.. I started to clean. Mop the floors do the laundry. I was in a mood. Then my mother came over and took one look at my and sent us to the hospital. 

Good thing she did. I had Corbynn one hour and fifteen minutes later. I was checked in at over 8cm dilated. I could have had her in the car! Corbynn came into this world with a bang before she was even all the way out she was screaming. It was like alien. I was horrified that she was screaming before she was even out. I kept saying put her back she isn't done cooking. The nurses looked at me like I was crazy. 

I wasn't crazy it turns out the 38 weeks was more like 35. She was only 4.3lbs when she was born. She was so tiny and cute. I can't even explain how amazing she was. 

She spent the next two weeks finishing baking in the nicu. She needed her lungs to open and we needed to make sure that no infections were going to form. She started breathing normally after six whole days in nicu. It was a miracle and I was exhausted already. I had to no idea what  I was in for.
It is a good thing too or I might not have had the girls so close together and I am so happy that I did.

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