Friday, March 30, 2012


our Cherry tree.

Pretty Pink Flowers.

Look at our Dr. Seuss looking stem. I love it.

Spring time is here. It is raining one day, pouring the next then all the sudden the sun comes out to shine. Along with the weather my body is constantly changing.

      With the hysterectomy my body seems to be finally calming down. After months of constant cramps and periods; not to mention crying or ripping someones head off every other week I am starting to feel "normal". It has been a hard dealing with the pure amount of emotions that were running  through my body. Not knowing if they were mine or just my period not that it mattered they were spilling out of me every hour of the day.

      I woke up yesterday and noticed that I didn't feel like crying. It has been two and a half weeks since the hysterectomy and a week and a half since the reconstruction and with all the pain and tiredness I had not even noticed how much better I felt emotionally. It was strange to wake up and notice that over the lost few days I had not been feeling anxiety that I had started to become used too over the last year.

   Sean has been sick for most of our vacation so it has been easy to be lazy. My body is healing and I hope soon it will be blooming as well.

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  1. You're doing really well. Enjoy the freedom from pain.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May