Sunday, March 25, 2012


Overdue update:

Surgery two went well. I have to admit that have breast reconstruction was a little worse than I had given it credit for but, all is well now.

They are affixed to my chest like melons but, what do you do? Wait for the swelling to go down. Things will settle if I just give them time.  I am a little uncomfortable with their size. They are bigger than I was expecting but, the surgeon didn't think I would be happy with what I wanted. I must need to give it a few days before I start to worry about them.

There is SO much emotion that went into this surgery. I was overwhelmed by my reactions to be honest. I wasn't expecting to feel conflicted. I feel whole again which seems a bit silly. I also have been feeling guilty for being this vain... I know after surgery blues. I think.

I am considering some serious spring cleaning as soon as recovery allows.  I have looked in my down stairs room only to find a total mess. It was  a little scary. I would like to redo the shelving so that it is a organized space.  Right now it is more of a piling of boxes; which makes things hard to find.  This is HIGH on my to-do list but, I have to wait until they clear me to move more than 10 pounds.

I also want to paint our kitchen cabinets. I am thinking a light colored cream. I am also thinking about painting the appliances too! Maybe black or slate, I am just done with white. I am DONE with white. I hate that it is always asking to be cleaned. I hate that it looks funny against our dark cabinets and floor.


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