Monday, March 12, 2012


My uterus is having its last party.
I am VERY excited about it being the last one. 
Last night was spent on the heating pad again with legs up on the wall. 
More than anything I hate how painful this has become. If you're a women and have experienced the worst; you know not many pain killers touch the cramping. 

So I am going to have a total hysterectomy on Wednesday morning. Wish me luck.

The only thing that is working for the pain is knowing that this is the very last one I will ever have.
The thought of not having to go through this again is 
more relieving than knowing a box of
girl-scout cookies are on the way. 

However, I am feeling a little bit of loss with this surgery. 
I was surprised that I have been feeling sad about losing my uterus.
I have known for years that it was not going to be used again but, looking on facebook I have 
realized how many more years of being able to bear I child I would have had. 
Even if my uterus wasn't working I could still imagine that they  would one day fix
her and I would be able to have another child. 
I am not even saying that I would have had another 
but, I would have liked the option.

Who knows what is to come in the future. 
It could have gone a million little ways. 
One thing is for sure my pregnant belly days are officially over.
Deep down I am a little sad to be empty. 

I really need this done so I will find a way to make this a great thing. 
any ideas?

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  1. I had this op done just before I was 40. Thats ages ago. Hoping it goes smoothly. You need to take it easy for a few months afterwards though. No heavy lifting etc.
    There is a little sadness to go with it though but you have the children which will more than compensate.
    Good Luck with everything.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May