Thursday, May 31, 2012


Scary. not fun. crippling. 

Corbynn has asthma. 
She has always been a sicky. 
The coughing never seemed to stop. 
Countless hours in the doctors office with no explanation.

A lot of time wondering why she always go every thing.
She would cough all day and night with no 
other symptoms or sometimes with
every other symptom. 
Runny nose, fever, ear infection. 
The antibotics never stop. 

Now we are on a new inhaler. 
A steroid that they hope will work. 
I am hopeful yet unsure as I always am. 
Medicine is always a guessing game. 
Lets just hope Corbynn keeps taking it is stride.

19 days until we are at the beach. 
the count down is on.

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