Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend update

  flooding.  It has been COLD and when I say COLD I mean COLD for Idaho. We don't normally see -0 temperatures. We have always had a varitaty of temperatures ranging from the 40 to the 10 with a few days of rough zeros. Over the last month we were stuck under a large inversion that kept our temperatures very low. So low in fact that our drain for the washing machine FROZE. 
    We have spent the last few days surrounded by fans... They were horrible; loud enough that we couldn't hear to eat dinner.  Days later we had just gotten rid of them and we re-flooded our laundry room this morning. talk about craziness.

     On top of all of this I was suppose to be a FLOURISH this weekend. I was so looking forward to a relaxing weekend with a bunch of girls! Boise had a freezing ran storm on Thursday morning which led to me being stuck in Twin falls after both Boise and Salt Lake City were shut done. I never made it to Dallas or the ladies but, I did make it home to my family! Lots of weekend love!

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