Monday, August 23, 2010

A day of oddities and Seattle

I have to admit sometimes a couple days worth of strange saying has brought my days from glum to a little better.  Drill a whole in it. Is one of my favorite new little comments. We found this item that we had been looking for. We bought said item and were looking for the attachments to it, that no one seemed to carry... but they all seemed to think that Drill a hole in it was a answer to our problem. They wanted to sell us a different attachment that they all sold that did not fit it. So far the last week... Drill a hole in it has become my answer for anything that does not fit or when I am looking for an alternative. It makes me smile when I hear myself say it.

My second little saying for the week is "Normally I would say that is trashy but, it looks good on you" So I was sitting eating breakfast in Seattle and this older well dressed with probably the best old lady hair I had ever seen walked up to me and said extacly that. Normally I would say that is trashy but, it looks good on you. I was unsure what she was speaking of at first. My hair? Tattoos ? or my outfit? I am still unsure what she was refering to. At first I was offended to the core. All I could think was you B***ch then suddenly this sense of pride started inside me. She thought that something about the way I looked which normally  turned her off looked good on me. I think that may be the best compliment that I have ever recieved. I have been saying it every time I see a person pull off a look that I would normally hate.

Seattle was amazing I went over to clear my head from all the fog that I had been feeling about life. Recharge and reconnect. The drive there was profound as always the amount of thoughts that you can process when you are left with nothing else to do but think. I felt calm when I pulled in to Seattle. I could smell the ocean coming off the sound. There were real building, art, people roaming the streets, cocktail bars,and open air restaurants . I would do just about any thing to live in that city. Seattle makes me feel vibrant again. On Saturday we took a fairy across to Widby Island and drove all the way up the island stopping at all the wineries sampling their wines. Then we crossed back over and we were almost at the Canadian border we stopped after the bridge and looked out too the ocean. We decided that we should climb down the rock face and have a bottle of wine one the rocks out in the ocean. So an hour of climbing later we sat on the rocks and drank wine and talked about everything that was happening in our lives. Then it hit us that we were going to have to climb back up this rock face to get to our car. ... umm Drunk? we better get moving. We made it back up and waited a long time to drive back into Seattle for a much needed shopping break. Let's just say it was awesome.  I really felt alive again.

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