Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patty's Day

    This is one of my favorite holidays of all time. Growing up as a Obray it was just part of the family tradition. You would wake up to corned beef hash and mid day have corned beef and cabbage. It was one of the few family traditions. When I was young we didn't have a lot of traditions the ones we did have were kinda without any direction.
    When I started my own family I didn't understand what we were missing until I became remarried. Now I am looking forward and realizing that I want my family to have many traditions. I want my family to have the memories I have lack of my childhood. The blogging world has shown me what traditions can bring to a home.
     I am missing doing my family traditions today but, non of our children are home so we will start making these traditions soon. Do you have any traditions that you love?

       Here is a photo dump of this week.

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